Total Solutions

At QP, your creative voyage begins with an in-depth discussion with our knowledgeable associates, who will take time to study your specific needs.  They will then propose the most cost-effective solution and act on your behalf throughout the project to ensure its smooth delivery.  

We adopt a risk-anticipation approach to every project.  Drawing on its wide-ranging expertise, the project team will anticipate potential threats and address them before they create problems.  This attentive, visionary service enables you to stay focused on your core business, always depending on us to provide a genuine one-stop solution for your total peace of mind. 

Project Engineering

Our meticulous and cost-sensitive project engineering team is responsible for transforming your exciting ideas into reality.  Drawing on their outstanding craftsmanship, as well as their expertise in the fields of structural design, materials science, construction techniques and sample production, the team is able to give your design a sound and stylish presentation. 

Working closely with our engineers, the design team uses state-of-the-art design software to help you achieve unique out-of-the-box designs and innovative product structures.


Finding the right materials is often a great challenge for brand owners.  We eliminate this burden by offering you the benefit of a well-connected sourcing team with a network covering the full gamut of materials including magnetic, wood, foam, cloth, PU, and genuine leather, to name just a few. 


The print quality and finishing of your product all speak for your brand.  As your trusted partner, we make it our mission to ensure your product looks the very best.  

Our comprehensive abilities include powerful pre-press, press, and post-press machines, as well as specialized production lines for board games and card games.  This technological expertise is complemented by our veteran print masters, who settle for nothing less than perfection. It is a winning combination that enables us to consistently deliver top quality printed products.  

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Our customers are continually raising their standards regarding product safety and quality, and so is QP.  

We have in place the market’s most stringent quality assurance program to ensure the highest levels of protection for your product’s end-users.  Our DPI Laboratory is an accredited laboratory featuring the best-in-class physical and chemical testing equipment and facilities.  

To ensure products are completely risk-free for end users, we test not just the finished products, including their individual parts and raw materials, but also their structure and the anticipated manner in which they will be used.   


Our one-stop service features a hassle-free logistics solution that gives you maximum flexibility. Thanks to our close collaborative relationships with freight forwarders, we can provide just-in-time delivery for your whole shipment to any designated address worldwide.