Social Responsibility

At QP, we care and we share.  We are grateful to be able to support the communities where we grew and prospered.  With our charitable endeavours and voluntary activities, we strive to help the needy build a self-sustainable future.  The beneficiaries are not only able to unleash their confidence and strength, but also benefit from better social cohesion, harmony and prosperity in their communities.  

Since its inception in 2008, QP Charity Fund has made presence in a variety of relief works and charitable campaigns including the Hong Kong Red Cross' Pass-It-On project and the Red Décor Day, and the Orbis' Moonwalkers fundraising campaign to name but a few. 

Sponsoring educational services in the underdeveloped areas of our home country means another important focus of the Charity Fund.  Through collaborating with non-profit charitable organizations, the Fund contributes to different school refurbishing and library building projects in the remote hinterland. 




Driven by the motto “We care, We Share”, the team maintains close partnership with a number of charitable organizations in Hong Kong and Guangdong.  It engages with the community directly through active participation in different voluntary initiatives such as delivering free language and computer lessons to young children, and visiting the under-privileged on festive occasions to share joy and warmth. On an on-going basis, team members take part in community health care project for housebound elderly and visit schools sponsored by QP Charity Fund in mainland China.