Our Culture


We are dedicated to becoming the industry’s most preferred and trustworthy partner.


  • To create value for our business partners through services excellence and products of the highest quality. 
  • To empower our people with competence and professionalism, so they can take pride in work and being part of our team. 
  • To contribute to the community by always acting with integrity and care

Our Pledge

Your Partner, Your Trust

Core Values 


We conduct our business in an ethical, faithful and responsible manner.  We pledge to live up to every commitment we make and be accountable for every step we take.  Our values of integrity, honesty and fairness are the fundamental building blocks of our success.  These values are not only key to everything we have achieved so far, they also shape the way we do business and define who we are.


We treat everyone with respect and care, and value the contributions and accomplishments of every individual.  Through continual training, development and encouragement, we empower our people on their journey by providing support and resources to help them grow and achieve both their own goals and ours. 


Our professionalism, as reflected in our everyday decisions, embraces an unfailing commitment to precision, accuracy and efficiency, the relentless pursuit of product quality and service excellence, and a tireless passion to exceed our customers’ expectations. 


As a responsible corporate citizen, QP cares for both the well-being of the next generation and the long-term health of the planet.  We adopt a proactive approach to supporting the communities from which we take our strength, and manage our daily operations in accordance with proven green principles.