May 2010

Q P's Laboratory is Accredited as Firewall Third Party Laboratory by CPSC

We are pleased to announce The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved Dongguan Zensee Printing Limited DPI Laboratory as an accredited firewall third party laboratory to test for the lead paint regulation, 16 CFR Part 1303, and the small parts regulation, 16 CFR Part 1501. The name of our laboratory - Dongguan Zensee Printing Limited DPI Laboratory is now listed on the laboratory web page of CPSC, information can be accessed through this link:

Q P is the first non-US company awarded this accreditation, the laboratories in this list have been accepted as accredited to test products to one or more of the children's product safety rules, as identified in the accreditation scope for each laboratory. It is the requirement of CPSC that a manufacturer of children's product that required to comply with the rules must support its certification of compliance with test results from one of the laboratories on the list.

With this accreditation, the test reports issued by our laboratory will be recognized by CPSC. The fact that Q P pursued and achieved the accreditation of firewall third party laboratory by CPSC, demonstrates our commitment in ensuring the independence of the laboratory's operations and the test results are protected from corporate influence.