May 2008

QP collects nearly 1.5 million in cash for Sichuan quake victims through group-wide donation and charity auction.

The earthquake that wreaked havoc in Sichuan on 12 May has killed and injured tens of thousands of our countrymen, and left numerous people homeless and in need of help.

QP responded promptly to the call for donations to support the relief efforts for quake victims. The company launched a group-wide donation matching campaign, where QP matched on a dollar-to-two dollars basis the funds donated by its staff members in Hong Kong and the Mainland. The campaign received amazing responses. Total donations amounted to over (HK$) 950 thousands in less than a week, a sum that has far exceeded expectations.

In addition, QP initiated an online charity auction to further raise funds for this good cause. Management and staff were generous enough to donate luxury goods as well as other valuable items, some of which had high personal values for this special charity sale. On the list were branded watches, jewelry, handbags, liquor, key chains, stuffed toys, other gifts and stationery. All items were sold out above base price after a two-week heated bidding process. The amount collected, together with the company’s double matching contribution has totaled over (HK$) 542 thousands.

All the funds raised were sent to the Hong Kong Red Cross and China Red Cross for their efforts on behalf of the Sichuan earthquake relief and reconstruction.