Mar 2014

Head Office of QP Group Receives 5th Year Caring Company Recognition


In late February, the Hong Kong Council of Social Services presented Caring Company honors to a host of local companies.  Among the many awardees is the Hong Kong head office of QP Group, which was given the 5th year Caring Company certificate. 
The Caring Company Scheme is organized in recognition of companies that demonstrate good corporate citizenship.  This year, the Group was awarded the 5 Years Plus Caring Company credit as acknowledgement of our continuous commitment in caring for the community and the employees. 
Some of the past endeavors of the Group aiming to support community works included:

  • joined the Red Decor Day organized by Hong Kong Red Cross
  • took part in the Moonwalkers charity walk by Orbis Hong Kong
  • enrolled the Community Health Care Project for Homebound Elderly and played regular visits to elderly in Shamshuipo
  • sponsored the Hong Kong Red Cross Pass-it-On program
Love and care is borderless, so does our supports lend to the under-privileged. 
In November 2013, the Group’s volunteer team went to Guizhou, the mountainous province in mainland China to visit the QP-sponsored Nanying School and Gaofeng School.  Team members conducted classes and arranged games for students there.  They also visited families in the impoverished areas.  Members were moved by the passion and persistence young students demonstrated to carry on their study amid difficult condition.
To make the most for the communities, wherever appropriate, the Group incorporates charity element into corporate functions.  Funds were raised in the annual golf tournament cum gala dinner to support different local charities.
Looking to the future, we pledge to carry on embracing our core values and do the best to make a difference to those in needed, be they are in Hong Kong, the mainland China, or other parts of the world. 

Positive Thinking Seminar held to promote positive attitude and emotional health   QP Volunteer team visited Nanying School in Guizhou last November and delivered classes to students there