Mar 2006

QP opens new packaging plant in Tianjin, North China.

QP Group opened a new factory in Tianjin to target the burgeoning market for upscale product packaging in North China.

The opening of the Tianjin plant is the 2nd part of QP’s development plan following the completion of the large expansion of the Dongguan plant in 2005. With manufacturing sites in both the North and the South, QP is now well positioned to effectively serve the fast growing market on the mainland.

Tianjin has been selected as a strategic site for several reasons. First, it is a free trade port where many foreign enterprises choose to set up their operations. The demand for high quality printing and packaging services has been surging. Secondly, Tianjin is a large transportation hub in China. It can offer the convenience of cargo shipments to the world. Geographically, the city is close to Beijing. This means QP will be able to provide accessible services to both markets.

The new plant, located in the Beichen District of Tianjin is 75,000 square feet and equipped with modern printing facilities. It has started operation since Jan 2006.

Plant Outlook
Press Room
Paper Converting Department