June 2012

QP Power-Up Game Card Production Line with New Automatic Card Collation & Packaging Machine

Small packages of booster pack and trading cards are very popular. In order to satisfy the growing demand from the market, QP has added into our game card production line an automatic card collation and packaging machine capable of random card assortment.

The new machine can handle paper and PVC cards as thin as 0.2mm and the card feeder could handle up to 30,000 cards an hour according to different collating rules assigned.

As the card playing and collecting community keeps growing, the accuracy of card-packaging machine has become very critical. The new machine comes with a double-card elimination function, which uses ultrasonic technology to detect the thickness of decks to avoid extra cards being packed. In addition, it is also equipped with a CCD image inspection system to pick up the card serial numbers to avoid duplication of cards.

Through a card collation management system, the operator may control feeding of cards from 1 to 50 each time from each feeder, as well as how often each unit feeds cards. Used together with other plug-in programmes, the machine can handle multiple combination of card assortment to satisfy some of the most sophisticated customer requirements.

The new automatic card collation and packaging system is accurate and fast. Combined with the high quality printing technology of QP, we can produce high definition, vividly colored game cards through high quality, cost-effective one-stop service.

Machine specification:

  • Works with paper and PVC cards of down to 0.2mm thickness
  • Highest packaging speed: 3,600 packs per hour (based on 9 cards per card-issuing unit)
  • Cards per package: 1-35 pcs
  • Card-feeding speed: 500 cards per minute
  • Ultrasonic device to eliminate double card issue
  • CCD camera detection to monitor card numbering
  • External plug-ins to allow for inkjetting of code and barcode, production of scratch-card and code-card
New Automatic Card Collation & Packaging Machine
CCD image inspection system to pick up the card serial numbers