Jun 2006

QP upgrades printing facilities at Dongguan plant Advanced new addition 6-color UV printing press in service

The CTP department and the press room at QP’s Dongguan plant had a face lift recently after the relocation to a new floor and the major upgrade in its environmental setting as well as printing facilities. The most eye-catching is our line of brand-new, high-speed KBA printing presses.  They can run at a maximum speed of 18,000 sheets per hour.  Among them is the 6-color UV printing press, which is widely recognized as the most advanced printing technology in the world today.  It has the compelling feature of printing on PVC, PP and foils and the ability to coat with ultra-violet finishes which offer more choices for our customers.  It also saves time and manpower because the changing of plate is fully automatic.   

 All the printing presses are connected to Logotronic - a powerful integrated computerized data exchange system.  Through Logotronic, all systems including CIP3, CTP, the newly installed CTCP, press consoles and our management information system can be networked for data exchange and efficiency.  This gives us full control over the whole manufacturing process from job implementation, machine parameter setting, data analysis, job tracking and reporting of production results.

 In order to have the right environment for producing the best printing results, we also have new devices to control the air, water quality and the humidity level.  All personnel have to pass through the air shower before entering the press room.  The air shower is a cleaning process inside an antechamber where jets of air blow off dust particles from our clothing to minimize contamination.  In many corners of the press room we have humidifiers to add moisture.  We also have a water purifying system to remove impurities and to keep the acid, alkaline and electro conductivity at optimal levels in the water.

 The refurbishing of the CTP department and the press room is part of QP’s development plan to expand our production facilities.  It is a statement of QP’s determination to invest in the future.  By the adoption and skilful utilization of the state-of-the-art technology, we can take our capacity to a new level and bring more benefits to our customers.
6-color UV printing press
Air Shower
Water Purifying System