Jun 2005

QP Obtains Accreditation of ICTI Code of Business Practices

QP Group is pleased to announce that its manufacturing plant, Dongguan Zensee Printing Ltd has obtained the International Council of Toy Industries’ Code of Business Practices (ICTI Code) certification (seal no. C0120). QP is one of the few companies in the printing industry to be certified, having implemented and maintained a system in compliance with the ICTI Code.

This ICTI Code is part of the ICTI Care Process dedicated to educate and promote ethical manufacturing in the forms of fair labor treatment, employee health and safety. This program initiated by ICTI is becoming a standard of performance for the toy manufacturing industry and is widely recognized by major retailers in the world.

In general, the ICTI Code forbids manufacturers from employing children under the age of 16 and using prison labor. It also sets requirements for wages and working conditions. As a responsible employer, QP has always upheld the principles of lawful operation and respect of employee rights. The accreditation is a good demonstration as well as award for this long-term commitment.

For details about the ICTI Code of Business Practices, please visit the website