July 2012

New Addition of QP Print Press Fleet --- KBA Qualitronic Color Aqueous Press

QP has recently introduced another KBA Rapida 105 Qualitronic Color Aqueous Press to strengthen further our production capability with top-notch print quality.

Riding on KBA's advanced technology and aqueous coating tower along with color control and Qualitronic printing quality monitoring system, the new machine provides accurate monitoring and control on the print-production process to ensure high consistency and reliable outcomes.

Color Control is a closed-loop inline color/density measurement and control system. With ink density set up directly based on CIP3 data, the pre-press adjustment time is reduced enormously. In addition, the system detects the color bar on paper against standard density by high-speed camera. Adjustment is made accordingly to ensure the actual ink density is consistent with the pre-defined value.

The Qualitronic quality monitoring system leverages the high-speed camera to record each print-out and compare it with the standard print-out image in the system. In the case that there is discrepancy, the system will return the data immediately to the control panel and display a warning signal on the monitor such that the operator can control the printing quality effectively. In the meantime, the automatic labeling system will also be activated and a piece of paper tap will be inserted onto the print-out with quality discrepancy, making it very convenient for operator to identify the defective output.

The Qualitronic system is a comprehensive solution offering to identify defective print-out early, so that stability in color is achieved while wastage can also be reduced. It is consistent with QP's principle to bring customers the best in colors and quality in printout by investing in cutting-edged facilities.

Machine specification:

  • Color: 6-color aqueous printing
  • Maximum printing area: 710 x 1040mm
  • Capacity: 18,000 sheets per hour
Automatic labeling system to mark print-out with quality discrepancy
KBA Rapida 105 Qualitronic Color Aqueous Press