Dec 2008

Luncheon Seminar 18 Dec 08 - Product Safety

Product safety has been posing challenges to both product and material suppliers nowadays; in the light of the issue, QP Group hosted a Luncheon Seminar about Product Safety on 18 December 2008, with an aim to promote the cooperation and collaboration among its vendors in managing and achieving product integrity throughout the supply chain.

The seminar was conducted by Director of Product Integrity who has introduced to the audience with QP’s Product Integrity Department, while highlighting the latest information on updated global rules and regulations of product safety, including REACH.  How QP and its vendors can collaborate to make ourselves a responsible company was also discussed.

Seminar was proven to be fruitful and lively, where participants found the seminar informative and expressed gratitude for finding common understanding on the ways to have better cooperation on product integrity. Seminar was conducted in Chinese with notes available in PowerPoint for download.

Part I: Standard for Toy (Global)
Part II: Common Knowledge of VOC in Printing Product
Part VI: How vendors can partner with Q P in making ourselves a responsible company.
Part V: Introduction: QP-DPI Product Testing Lab
Part VI: Optional Information for Toy Chemical Test