Aug 2017

Highcon™ Beam – Taking QP's Digital Advancement to a New Level

QP is delighted to announce its installation of the Highcon™ Beam, one of the first 4 Highcon™ Beam installations worldwide, adding this top-of-the-line digital cutting and creasing machine to QP's powerful digital production line.

Adopting a new digital technology that replaces the conventional die-making and setup process, Highcon™ Beam delivers a digital finishing capacity of up to 5,000 sheets per hour, greatly improving production efficiency, responsiveness and design flexibility. Alongside a wide range of applications such as variable data cutting, digital stripping, etc, the groundbreaking Highcon™ Beam offers an infinite variety of cutting and creasing possibilities, taking digital finishing into a new dimension of value for QP's customers who strive to optimize their products' creativity, uniqueness, competiveness and responsiveness to the needs of the high-end market.

Seamlessly connecting with the existing digital production stations including HP Indigo Digital Presses and Scodix Rainbow™ Digital Enhancement & Glittering Station and maximizing the overall productivity, the installation of Highcon™ Beam clearly indicates our unreserved determination to further advance our digital capability to the next level in order to meet, and even exceed, every customer’s expectation in this digital era.


Max throughput
5000 sheets/hour

Sheet dimension
Sheet size max.: 760 x 1060 mm / 30" x 42"(portrait)
Sheet size min.: 320 x 457 mm / 14" x 18"(portrait)

Imposition area
Minimum side margin : 5mm / 0.197"
Minimum side grippers margin: 15mm / 0.59"
Net cutting: 740x1050 mm/ 29.13” x 41.33"
Net creasing: 730x1030 mm / 28.74” x 40.55"