April 2016

QP Received ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification

Using energy efficiently does more than saving money but conserving valuable resources of the globe.  QP Group further advances its commitment to protect the environment by successfully obtaining ISO 50001 energy management certification in the first quarter of 2016. 
The affirmation underscores the Group’s undertaking in the monitor of energy used closely and making continuous improvement on resources utilization. 
Developed by ISO, the 50001 energy management system provides framework and guidelines for companies to develop a policy for more efficient use of energy, set targets on power consumption, measure, analysis and make improvements on continual basis. 
Similar measures were being implemented across QP but under the sovereigns of different teams and departments in the past.  With the set-up of the Energy Saving Committee in 2013, the Group revisited the subject from a wider perspective and introduced a number of energy saving initiatives.
Some of the programs championed by the company include:

  • replacement of high-powered machinery with eco-friendly and energy saving models,
  • upgrade of high eneergy consumption apparatus,
  • reinforcement of maintenance scheme for machinery,
  • launch of an online monitoring system on energy consumption,
  • introduction of reward system for effective energy saving initiatives
The recent certification endorsed efforts made by the Energy Saving Committee and members of the Group.  Built on the highly-organized yardstick, the Group anticipates its energy saving measures can bring even more impressive results in the coming few years.