May 2015

QP Complies to Food Packaging Production Standards

The Administration of Quality & Technology Supervision of Guangdong Province of PRC renewed QP’s QS accreditation this March with the scope further expanded to cover even more production processes.  With the accreditation, the Company can now produce packaging boxes for food.  
QS is an official standardization accreditation system developed by the PRC administration.  Referencing the ISO requirements, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) model, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the system enjoys nation-wide recognition.
Companies must pass the on-spot audit conducted by the administration and conform to the necessary hygiene and product safety requirements before being accredited.  The thorough examination spans materials purchasing procedures, in-plant facilities set-up and hygiene, printing & production processes, and storage arrangements.
QP passed the on-site inspection in 2014 and renewed the qualification this year with the scope expanded.  The certified process now covers printing, lamination, die-cutting, foil stamping and hand assembly.  The accreditation endorses our management process and hardware setting.  It empowers the company to make entrance into a new segment of product packaging.
To our existing customers, through learning and benchmarking with best practices from the food sector, the Group can further excel in our existing process and setting, thereby taking the service level and product quality to a new horizon.